45 min, with Pelle Josephson
Cringe, Weld, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014
"Cringe" was a program of screenings, performance, and conversations that brought together artists, comedians, and thinkers interested in comedy, without the primary aim of entertainment. Curated by Lívia Páldi and Olav Westphalen, with Andreas Fägerskiöld, Anna Liljedahl, Èva Mag, Sally O' Reilly, Rattelschneck/Schffner, Roger von Reybekiel, Roee Rosen, Joanna Rytel, and Merzedes Sturm-Lie. With music by Roger von Reybekiel and Rebecca Digby.
In the "interview corner" of the stage there is a simple setup with two modern armchairs and a low coffee table with flowers, a water pitcher, and glasses. The table, which von Reybekiel refers to as a sculpture, is actually a performer, the artist Pelle Josephson, kneeling on all fours for the duration of the show.
Text and photos from the book Dysfunctional Comedy, Sternberg Press, 2016