Picnic Electronic was a one-day festival of experimental and improvised music, dance and performance.
Featuring performances by: Nadine Byrne, Group A, Philipp Quehenberger & Didi Kern, Eva Mag,
Calle Olsson, Niklas Sillén, Rasmus Östebro. Visual concept by Oscar Carlson.
Curated by Jun-Hi Wennergren Nordling and Roger von Reybekiel.
Exhibition Text: Ingrid Furre - Starting Points for Improvisation
30 January 2016, Fylkingen, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm, Sweden
Nadine Byrne, Gretta
Eva Mag, The Paper Székely 160130
Rasmus Östebro, Selected Fragments: Body-Fiction/CopyCopy (2015-2016)
Calle Olsson
Philipp Quehenberger & Didi Kern
Group A
Niklas Sillén, Cirkeln
Photo by Santiago Mostyn